i changed the commenting system on here from haloscan to bloggers own in built one. they have improved their system a lot.

i got a job (2 days a week), i start in a few weeks after i get back from holidays.

my phone is dying. dying dying dying. it stops when i want to sms, shuts down when i need it to show my sms ticket to the train inspector and basically having the nokia equivilant of the microsoft blue screen of death. so i am on the look out for a new one. with a radio would be nice, a camera would be cool but not essential (i carry my digicam with me all the time anyhoo) and also a nice memory card storage thingy so i can listen to mp3s (and i dont have to buy a seperate mp3 player). anyone know when the 3230 is coming out?


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  1. paljon onneeaa vaan, paljon onneeaa vaan, paljon onneeaaaaaaaa darren, paljon onneeaa vaan! when is the party?


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