every since i got the website upgraded last week ive been spending time messing around with the new functions and programmes i can install on the website. i now have php and all that stuff, so all manner of exciting new things are open to me.

i installed wordpress and uninstalled it about five times. dont know why. i spent hours messing around with the inner workings of movabletype 3 to see if i could use it for my links blog, after a day or so i went back to blogger. movable type is a great system, but to be honest i think id have to spend hours and hours to give it the look i have already using blogger.

ive been looking for a gallery programme to display images, i wanted something very simple with not too much fuss. i couldnt find that so i found one php gallery programme that had me up till 2am last night messing around with debugging stuff, and after all that it still wouldnt work and i wasnt too happy with the look of it anyway, so i got rid of it. then i happened upon a small simple programme that takes the images and does it all for you with about 10minutes of setting up. so im gonna be putting up lots of images to my “kuva” (means picture in finnish) area from now on. i still have the colours and folder descriptions to sort out on it, but so far so good.

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