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i have a soft spot for “single serving website” (i.e. websites that provide only one single piece of information). a few months back i had an idea for one of those pages – using it as a way for me to learn a few things, i wasnt able to get it to work out but this time i was able to get another idea from 0 to working in a few hours.


it can be difficult to remember exactly when all the super markets close here in helsinki – all sundays in spring they are closed, then they open up – but not the next sunday after that (as its finnish mothers day). then they open up again. can cause some confusion.

a few hours spent messing with phpicalendar, its template, css and javascript files. its not perfect, its not even all that useful to pretty much everyone on the planet – but thats what the internet is all about.

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  1. …and ever since I’ve used this site now and then with great pleasure ๐Ÿ™‚
    But, today, waking up after the holidays, wanted to check how HKI doing today (23-Aug).
    Only to find out that the site doesn’t work since 17-Aug ;-((
    This is the most messy period of “openness” in Finland, as the “summer” [August] is still here, but the school already started, so it is not evident if the shops are still open on Sundays or not. Especially if you were out of the country for a few weeks, you don’t have a clue…
    Although it won’t help me today, but will you fix your “single use website” to further serve the general public ? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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