Category: internets

  • single use site

    i have a soft spot for “single serving website” (i.e. websites that provide only one single piece of information). a few months back i had an idea for one of those pages – using it as a way for me to learn a few things, i wasnt able to get it to work out but […]

  • in search of newness

    gloriousily fed up with music as of late. i took to clearing off several gb of music from itunes. after five years of using i actually started to use the recommendation station that it had waiting for me. fantastic stuff. as are the mixes on (a recent import into the world of […]

  • whats the latest?

    so ireland are playing a soccer match right now, im not much of a sports person – but i thought whilst i was looking at i might aswell see what the score was (the match is on going)

  • tmblr

    i could very easily get completely addicted to tumblr. look! xplanes!

  • last fm

    tonight in helsinki placebo play a concert. 602 people going to that concert have joined the concerts event page on last fm. as of right now has 36,658 members in finland (population of 5,2 million) – ireland has 6,072 members (population of 4,1 million)