twice around the block

2009.01.22 18:37 | music, randomness

itunes v bleep

do i pay 0,99e for an aac of 3m44s or 1,35e for 4m05s for an mp3?

update: i just tried to buy the mp3 on bleep, it was my first time using (the amalgamation of bleep + warpmart). previously bleep was a fantastic and easy place to get mp3s – quick, simple, no fuss etc. now on it was incredibly unintuitive to buy a single mp3. my purchase failed to download, plus the 1,35 was displayed as euros/sterling/dollars during various points of the process. looking forward to them un-beta-ing. ( was previously a site that i looked to jealously for its ease of use and integration – people who got it. seems they’ve taken a step backwards).

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