captive audience

2011.04.26 00:29 | photo, travel

oh the window seat, long flights or short flights i always go for the window seat. i love gazing out for hours on end watching the scenery roll by, trying to locate myself on a map in my mind. last month when flying back from new york i looked out an hour or two after taking off, the sky was dark and not much in the way of life below – not many houses or towns or illuminated streets for me to follow. there was a cloud that looked a bit odd, it caught my eye as it seemed to be moving a little. ones eyes can play tricks when there isn’t much light outside, but i kept looking and eventually realised that out there was the northern lights, slowly undulating and pulsating and growing in intensity as i watched. i tried to take pictures, with the aid of the finnair pillow to keep the light out, eventually getting the right settings on my camera. the show went on for a few hours and i kept looking out for most of that time – watching them dance across the sky and beyond my field of vision above the airplane. i didn’t get much sleep on that flight.

the best 9 pictures are on flickr: 2011.03.22 aurora borealis

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