Category: architecture

  • page 123

    or for me, page 125. from i get tagged. 1. pick up the nearset book (of at least 123 pages). 2. open the book on page 123. 3. find the fifth sentance. 4. post the next three sentences. 5. tag five people. the book closest to me is a book on tokyo. called “tokyo: […]

  • visualising

    an astounding video for a proposal for a new mosque in the islands brygge region of copenhagen by the bjarke ingels group (big) architects office can be seen here on this page.

  • updating

    snøhetta had a nice presentation at helsinki design week. (the rest of the pictures are in focus, honest.)

  • kbh

    every city should have a magazine like kbh. now to figure out what it says (its all in danish). its all about architecture, culture, townlife (erm i think – byliv), design and activities. the magazine covers a lot of the new modern planning and architecture projects going on about copenhagen. helsinki + dublin could do […]

  • calatrava

    a few years ago when the santiago calatrava designed “james joyce” bridge in dublin was finished, rté broadcast a documentary about the architect. i have it here somewhere on vhs and will put it to avi one of these days. but in the mean time for those french speakers out there, or people who just […]