Category: architecture

  • quotes

    a wonderful quote from eliel saarinen in 1931. “we are confronted with a thick wall through which we have to force a way. this wall is composed of inertia on the part of bystanders; their inability to comprehend necessities of town planning derives from the evolution of the city. the same inertia is often a […]

  • lookout

    above: the näkötorni (lookout tower) at korkesaari (helsinki zoo) today in super warm (+28c) weather. (its about 10 pictures combined into one using autostitch) below: the näkötorni last january, about -15c

  • kamppi

    the new main escalator down to the metro station at the new kamppi bus/metro station in helsinki city centre that was opened a week or two back. its cordoned off to stop little kids/drunks/teenagers from trying to climb it.

  • talo

    sanomatalo today.

  • planning panel

    we spent a few hours at the discussion panel this evening. there was about 9 people in the panel with another 100 or so in the audience. the presentation started off with a slide presentation of the propasals for keskipasila and then the two different architectural plans put forward by the two offices. i understood […]