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  • 6 guitarists for 2 venues

    several times over the years i’ve seen a band more than once on a tour – usually they play complementary venues on a tour – a bit larger or a bit smaller than the previous gig. last autumn though i was lucky to see the same piece performed in two venues that were worlds apart. […]

  • airwaves 2011

    some photos from last months iceland airwaves. a band playing in the downtown hostel. orphic oxtra in kaffibarinn sykur in nasa mammút in kex hostel owen pallet in kaffibarinn owen pallet in kaffibarinn homemade cakes at i8 i8 berndsen at i8 berndsen at i8 berndsen at i8 hermigervill at i8 ben frost & music for […]

  • viðey

    a trip to viðey (a short ferry ride from reykjavík) a few weeks ago to see the lighting of the “imagine peace tower” (with yoko ono and sean lennon in attendance). the lighting of the tower, a full moon, northern lights and a satellite passing overhead. pretty fantastic.

  • filadelfia

  • harbour