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  • heima

    i am beginning to get a bit hyper about “heima” which gets it world premiere in reykjavík in 11 days (september 27th at the reykjavík international film festival) and it gets shown two days after that here in helsinki at the rakkautta ja anarkiaa film festival (its sold out). after that it will be shown […]

  • red

    the red haired woman watches a woman sing. reykjavík october 2006

  • iceland photos

    right! here are my photos from iceland that ive uploaded to flickr: all of them: 2006.10 iceland then just the music ones: all the airwaves pics: 2006.10 airwaves ultra mega technobandið stefán: 2006.10.18 jóhann jóhannsson: 2006.10.21 then some of the touristy ones: gullfoss (europes second largest waterfall): 2006.10.17 þingvellir (the worlds first parliment): 2006.10.17

  • stefan

    the first gig i saw at the iceland airwaves festival 2 weeks back was the icelandic band ultra mega technobandið stefán. in the space of about 30 minutes they rocked the venue – there was perhaps a hundred or so people there watching – about seven photographers up the front with very expensive cameras moshing […]

  • thingvellir

    my photos from 2006.10.17 þingvellir, iceland. (homepage + wiki)