2004.08.25 07:25 | movies, randomness

svt.se – svt dokumentär. i randomly found a documentary/short film last night on swedish television. it was old footage from the late 1950’s to the early 1970’s stockholm coupled with a fantastic score by leif jordansson. the film is made by stavro and you can find more information about the film kometen (the comet) here. i only saw the second half of the 30minutes, so i missed a lot. the images fitted perfectly with the fantastic soundtrack. all shot in an almost home movie style, but with a disconnect. there was no characters, only randomly shot people going around doing their buisness in stockholm. lots of drunk people for a while all the while playing off and to the music which had a low key phillip glass feel to it with hints of some godspeed spin off and amina / sigur rós improvised introduction. fantastic stuff. (update: the dvd will be in shops (pesumably in sweden only) in about a months time)

stockholm 1965. a man with a film camera documents his surroundings the last days before the crash of the comet. a fiction film based on documentary material, from the time before the end of the world. 30 minutes of catastrophe poetry from 297 rolls of double-8 film shot between 1959 and 1971.

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