oh eight, part 3

2009.01.21 19:40 | randomness, recap

the year went onwards and autumn decended

sunrise bringing life to a new day.

ms. paula.

lots of babies and additions throughout the year, with some more to come in 2009 no doubt. hurrah!

borrowed a fisheye lens for a day or two – amazing. i want it.

september was a strange month – parties, goings on, bits of this, bits of that. i was just looking at my photos on an external hard drive for september – lots of them never made it to flickr (yet). was a month for taking risks and them not working out too well at all. but i learnt a lot and i guess thats something.

one of many

bjarke ingels
october saw the fantastic bjarke ingels at the helsinki design week – lots of further information on projects id seen over the years in copenhagen and some i would love to see someday. (boom! a video)

hand in hand
the low sun, a couple hand in hand and a good vantage point gives nice pictures.

i’ll skip the whole japan trip for now – no point in rambling on about it. pictures are here.

but look! orion from my window.

november was pretty hectic for gigs here – spiritualized, tricky, efterklang, wolf parade.

snow + friends

friends from home visited on the weekend where helsinki had the heaviest snowfall in almost 50 years. woo


a really nice week in copenhagen ended super early on the 22nd when i started a 18 hour trip home via velje, billund airport, dublin airport, heuston train station and limerick train station.

relaxing time at home, mullingar and in dublin ended the year nicely

2008 was 71 days of travel, 31 or so gigs, 20600 photos, ups, downs – and now its over. move along.

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