oh eight, part 2

2009.01.19 01:59 | randomness, recap

in between

this was the time of the year where i was disctracted by one big project. those that met me over this part of the year probably had to listen to me ramble on and on about it, so i’ll say nothing more 🙂


sweaty burger

dinners in london and iceland in june. yum.

building site

cranes. a little while after this was taken the icelandic economy imploded. around the same time the irish one did too (although not to the same extent). i remember a documentary on finnish television in late 07 or early 08 where they talked to some people in the danish and swedish central banks about the icelandic economy – the danes and swedes were very suspect about it all and, of course, they were right to be. (the irish version would be the brilliant george lee warning about it all for years).

time in reykjavík was spent at a gig, cycling, going with höddi to the swimming pool with the kiddos and enjoying the icelandic summer. no civ though. home via copenhagen.


super monkey ball
liv visited hurrah

blue blue blue x 1000.

i hate hate helsinki seagulls.

july seems to have been spent in parks – reading, drinking, writing, listening, sleeping, looking, talking.

electric picnic: dan deacon

august came – festival season. flow festival here in helsinki and höddi visiting from iceland – then a few days later off to tallinn for sigur rós, then to ireland for electric picnic. a fantastic mad few weeks full of joy, music, friends, new friends, icelanders, rain at the oddest moments, new passport, lots of good music and lots of memories (plus i found out i was going to japan!).

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  1. Seong Eun Jung says:

    Hi, darren, I love your pictures and essays, too.
    Actually i am a big fan of Sigur Ros from Korea.:-)
    and i was about to searching and looking around about sigur ros , well, however I founded this site
    about you. I’ve got a good impressions from ur photos , so you have my thanks.
    Haha, Keep going please! I’ll visit here again. Bye

  2. dw says:

    thanks 🙂

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