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2005.10.11 | site | 1 comment »

woo! i had give up trying to get wordpress talking to flickr – a plugin available to display all flickr sets as albums on my own site just didnt/wouldnt work. i read then about falbum and i got it and installed it and hey presto! it worked. then i messed/chopped up/hacked the css and default theme to get it working. go look here!.

(i still run this blog using blogger – i just have an empty wordpress on my servers too just for this plugin)


2005.04.27 | site | no coments »

“the server encountered an internal error () that prevented it from fulfilling this request.”

blogger tests darren.


2005.02.15 | randomness, site | 3 comments »

i changed the commenting system on here from haloscan to bloggers own in built one. they have improved their system a lot.

i got a job (2 days a week), i start in a few weeks after i get back from holidays.

my phone is dying. dying dying dying. it stops when i want to sms, shuts down when i need it to show my sms ticket to the train inspector and basically having the nokia equivilant of the microsoft blue screen of death. so i am on the look out for a new one. with a radio would be nice, a camera would be cool but not essential (i carry my digicam with me all the time anyhoo) and also a nice memory card storage thingy so i can listen to mp3s (and i dont have to buy a seperate mp3 player). anyone know when the 3230 is coming out?


2004.08.04 | site | no coments »

every since i got the website upgraded last week ive been spending time messing around with the new functions and programmes i can install on the website. i now have php and all that stuff, so all manner of exciting new things are open to me.

i installed wordpress and uninstalled it about five times. dont know why. i spent hours messing around with the inner workings of movabletype 3 to see if i could use it for my links blog, after a day or so i went back to blogger. movable type is a great system, but to be honest i think id have to spend hours and hours to give it the look i have already using blogger.

ive been looking for a gallery programme to display images, i wanted something very simple with not too much fuss. i couldnt find that so i found one php gallery programme that had me up till 2am last night messing around with debugging stuff, and after all that it still wouldnt work and i wasnt too happy with the look of it anyway, so i got rid of it. then i happened upon a small simple programme that takes the images and does it all for you with about 10minutes of setting up. so im gonna be putting up lots of images to my “kuva” (means picture in finnish) area from now on. i still have the colours and folder descriptions to sort out on it, but so far so good.

wrap up

2004.06.07 | site | no coments »

the new updated blogger (a month old now) implemented a commenting system that isnt very good (its only one or two steps from being properly useable). so i went back to holoscan (the one ive been using for the preceeding six months or so).

the interview and test went sort of okay. my method of preperation (not speaking any finnish for the last two weeks) didnt help me too much. i stumbled over a few lines here and there and the interview part was me mumbling random stuff. the drawings (four drawings of a northern italian town) came out okay. i was very nervous last night and i couldnt sleep until 3am i think. i have no idea as to when the results are out. fingers crossed.

things are cranking up and up for this weekend. our “wine and cheese” party. alice should be here thursday, sara will be here friday and some of saras friends come aswell for the party. that reminds me, i need to send out the email invitations.