29 September, 2005

morning becomes eclectic

"2005-09-26 KCRW - Morning Becomes Eclectic with Sigur Rós in Flac & MP3" now shared in our dc++ hub

amina chicago

aminas set from chicago (2005.09.21) just went online on bt.etree.org.

28 September, 2005


mp3s of the manchester gig from july is now on the ridiculously named "oink" torrent site.

(i'll have the manchester gig in dvd format online this weekend)

25 September, 2005


another 2005.09.21 chicago recording, this time on dimeadozen

24 September, 2005


we just put a dvd rip of the glósóli video on to our tracker. its a 62mb .avi file (using the xvid codec)

the 460mb dvd is still available here

ann arbor

2005.09.20 ann arbor flac gig now on my own tracker: link

as is 2005.09.21 chicago in lossless: link


2005.09.21 chicago gig in flac lossless: link. (also on the dc++ hub)


2005.09.19 toronto gig just added to my bit torrent tracker site: bit torrent. (also on the dc++ hub)

23 September, 2005


2005.09.19 massey hall, toronto flac is on dimeadozen

21 September, 2005


the 2005.07.08 concert from glasgow is now on dc++ in mp3 format.


2005.09.15 boston concert in mp3 format : link (also added to dc++)


the montreal 2005.09.16 concert has been added to the dc++ hub + ftp site. its in mp3 format.

ann arbor

2005.09.20 ann arbor concert in lossless format on dimeadozen: link. also on dc++

20 September, 2005


on this page i will add info i get about recent concerts added to our bit torrent tracker, ftp and dc++ hub.