20 March, 2006


2006.02.14 nashville recording now online.. go here to get it. go on - push the button!

11 March, 2006

bowl dvd

a few months ago we had the .avi of the 2005.10.05 hollywood bowl show - now here is the dvd of that show - complete with menues, the amína performace and the sigur rós performance! go get and enjoy.

06 March, 2006

st louis torrent

2006.02.21 st. louis lossless torrent just added

02 March, 2006

rvk ipod torrent

if you want to download the 2005.11.27 webcast in ipod format then follow this link.

01 March, 2006


2005.11.27 reykjavik concert now on my tracker. go and enjoy!

reyjavik torrent

here (on dimeadozen - registration required) is a lossless torrent of the reykjavík concert from last november.

its a fm source. (its taken from icelandic radio - and is NOT the same recording as the webcast of the same concert).

i'll try to get the torrent onto our own tracker later today.