07 October, 2007

2007.10.06 midnight nyc show


here is the second of last nights shows from new york. the recorder has put the date as the 7th of october as it was past midnight :) so keep that in mind. enjoy!

03 October, 2007

2007.09.30 helsinki

evening, my first torrent in months and months.

last week the band played a concert in helsinki - well it was a short acoustic set just before they showed the "heima" tour movie.

the acoustic set was fantastic (as was the movie - you are all in for a treat when it spreads around the world in a few weeks)

here is the lossless torrent:

you have to register to get the torrent, i will be adding it to a public torrent site soon - perhaps tonight or tomorrow

edit: public tracker: http://www.mininova.org/tor/921305