27 November, 2005

paris and torino


2005.11.24 firenze lossless just went onto dimeadozen (registration required)

15 November, 2005


mp3s of the edinburgh show are now on dc++

14 November, 2005


the london 2005.11.09 london concert is now in our dc++ hub in mp3, its complete except for the last few minutes of popplagið. this is the only concert this tour that the band has had a brass section with them for a few of the songs.

12 November, 2005

jools 2

220mb .mpg version of the performance on jools holland last night


sigur rós on jools holland last night: 100mb .avi

08 November, 2005


2005.11.03 göteborg is now ready on our torrent site. go get it! (first ever performance live of "hey sátan" and "svo hjótt"

05 November, 2005


göteborg concert from the other day, first time that "hey sátan" and "svö hjótt" were performed live. this recording is just two flac files (each is one disc). there is also an mp3 recording coming soon and another .flac recording by the person who did the stockholm recording (this one however is incomplete - missing out on the intro and some of glósóli). i'll let ye know when those two recordings are available.

03 November, 2005


2005.11.01 stockholm concert on our bt site. (same recording is also on dimeadozen which needs you to register)