17 September, 2006

another one

2006.08.03 seyðisfjörður: http://www.drrnwbb.com/bt/details.php?id=102

a great great gig complete with introduction pronouciation - seagulls every now and then and a few old favourites (von and death song!).... go get and please seed.

16 September, 2006

montreux 2001

here is the same torrent as on dimeadozen but you dont need to register for my site


if you got it from dimeadozen then please please help out seeding on my torrent. its exactly the same :)

15 September, 2006

montreux 2001

on dimeadozen is a torrent of the montreux gig from 2001 - to be honest its a classic concert - some of the versions of songs from ( ) are far superior to the album version (in my opinion).

so go get it here: http://www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-details.php?id=112008
(you do need to register on the site to get it though - i might mirror it on drrnwbb.com/bt/ over the next few days)

14 September, 2006

20060711 southampton

another new new new recording!

2006.07.11 southampton

12 September, 2006

london spring recording

the first in a batch - so get ready for up to half a dozen more over the next week or two.

its the second gig the band did in london back in march.

take a look at the info file thats with it too as it was recorded using LP2 mode on a minidisc. so its not entirely suitable for a flac release. but i got some advice and decided to flac it regardless.

so get downloading.