21 August, 2006

reykjavik dvd


the dvd that i mentioned the other day is now on our tracker site (meaning you dont have to register to use it). thanks to the dan, the original uploader, for letting me put it here too.

its a two dvd set from the 30th of july concert in iceland - taken directly from icelandic cable television.

go and get it here:


(note that a captured webstream of the same concert is still available here: http://www.drrnwbb.com/bt/details.php?id=96)

15 August, 2006

reykjavik dvd

2006.07.30 reykjavik


you have to register for this torrent (sorry about that). i'll try to have it on my own tracker in a few days.

01 August, 2006

20060730 reykjavik


you can download a 240mb ish asf capture of the live video stream of sundays open air concert in reykjavík. go and enjoy!