24 January, 2007


evening folks

greetings from a snowy helsinki.

just an update about a few things. just before christmas my hosting company said "no more tracker on your site darren as its taking up too many resources and slowing down other sites". so i had to take it down.

from now on all the torrents i do will be uploaded to one of two places:

if its audio, then it will go onto --> bt.etree.org (you dont have to register to download torrents from there)

if its a dvd, then i will put it onto www.dimeadozen.org (sorry, but you do have to register for that site).

so www.drrnwbb.com/bt/ will become a place where you can sign up for the mailing list (or concert info log: http://www.drrnwbb.com/bt/log/), or get links to the sigur-ros.co.uk dc++ and ftp hubs.

i'll still be putting up as many sigur rós and amiina recordings as i can get my hands on.

feel free to email me with comments etc.