28 November, 2006

amiina in iceland

new amiina recording: http://www.drrnwbb.com/bt/details.php?id=106

from reykjavík, iceland 2006.07.30

23 November, 2006

20060629 roskilde


new torrent just went online - its a radio broadcast of the bands gig in roskilde (denmark) this summer. go check it out! (i got it from dimeadozen - so if you got it there then seed here too!)

12 November, 2006




have a look at the description first about this one - its a fan recording from the band gig in seattle in may.

now the recording has some sound issues. the bass is a bit too strong, so keep that in mind. also popplagid isnt there in full. so remember that too :)

ALSO! i have this on dvd but im not really sure if its worth it to put it all out (8gb or so) on dvd. so let me know what you think - some feedback as to the recording would be appreciated. would you like it in dvd format? let me know


07 November, 2006


back after a break. sorry about that. holidays are nice and have to be done.

anyhoo onwards -->

amiina 2006.10.17 brussels


go get it and seed.

coming soon some sigur rós dvds - ones ive been promising for far too long - so sorry for the delay. life has been hectic! really.

oh, if anyone knows dvd authoring tips for concerts for mac os x then email me please (darren@sigur-ros.co.uk) !