11 November, 2007

more torrents

a bunch of new and old recordings on several private tracker sites out there.

2001.04.21 brighton

2001.10.16 los angeles

2007.10.23 london dvd

2007.10.19 copenagen

2007.10.29 melbourne

now, these are on private trackers - so its best to sign up to them - please dont ask if i can put them up on public trackers... because i cant :)

09 November, 2007

culture show torrent

right, i think i have it torrented :)

its on either/both of one of these pages


both torrents go to the same file so just try to see which one works.

god i need a proper torrent tracker again.

culture show

last night there was a 30min special on the band on bbc2

and here it is:
(due to an error, i will retorrent this today (friday))

enjoy, and keep seeding.

06 November, 2007

1999.04 rvk dvd

this was up on other torrent sites before, but here it is again as a nice contrast to the heima movie...


1999.04 in reykjavik...

keep seeding please!

04 November, 2007


the band played in melbourne last week and the acoustic set and q+a is now online


one needs to register for the site but it doesnt seem like other torrent sites that have a limit on numbers.