31 October, 2005

2005.09.23 madison

sigur rós 2005.09.23 madison in flac format just went online. go get it!

18 October, 2005

takk podcast

there is a takk podcast at the moment on the apple itunes store. it is about 30minutes long and is available here (link opens into apple itunes - so have that installed first).

16 October, 2005

hollywood bowl

2005.10.05 hollywood bowl: i just added a 1gb .avi file to the tracker of this show. its almost complete - just missing "vaka". enjoy


2005.08.03 melbourne torrent is back! this time with everythign working fine :)

anyone who got the previous version of the torrent with the two currupted files should email me if they dont want to download this entire new torrent again

13 October, 2005

manchester dvd d2

manchester 2005.07.09 dvd disc 2 is now online!


2005.08.03 melbourne in flac is now available on bit torrent

two of the files (sr20050803-d2t05.flac and sr20050803-d2t06.flac) were corrupted so i will redo the torrent and upload it hopefully over the weekend. sorry

10 October, 2005

ohio dvds

after 3 months of sharing, i will be taking the two ohio torrents offline this weekend probably (although i might extend it till the end of the month). but if you want them - go get them now.


2005.09.18 ottawa is now being shared in lossless format in the dc++ hub

08 October, 2005


2005.09.18 ottawa concert online now on purelivegigs.com in flac format

07 October, 2005

manchester dvd

dvd disc 1 of the manchester dvd is now online. disc 2 coming over next 48hours

05 October, 2005

manchester dvd rip

manchester 2005.07.09 dvd rip now online on bt.

04 October, 2005

amina madison

the amina show from madison was just added to our torrent tracker in lossless format. go get it here.

01 October, 2005


i just added the 2005.08.04 sydney concert to the dimeadozen torrent site. this concert is still available on dc++ and drrnwbb.com/bt


the 2005.07.09 manchester gig i mentioned a few days ago that was/is on oink is now in our dc++ hub.


2005.09.24 minneapolis now being shared in the dc++ in mp3 format